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The Beacon building is a mixed-use building that redefines part of Lake Oswego’s downtown fabric, offering pedestrian-oriented retail spaces at the street level, two levels of co-working office space above, and a world-class event space at the top level with views overlooking Mt. Hood. During the pre-design and vision-setting phase of the project, the client gravitated towards the idea of the building serving as a “lantern” and key local landmark. The idea of a lantern or beacon became central to the project’s identity, and is manifested through the character of the transparent and...Learn more


Perlo, a dynamic local general contractor, outgrew their prior office and took the opportunity to reimagine their headquarters. The project process began with research, programming, staff outreach, and a careful self-examination of their core values. Ultimately, they decided the new headquarters would need to accommodate their growth, support the well-being of their employees, provide an inspiring environment to meet with clients, and serve as a dramatic illustration of their capabilities as a general contractor. The design sought to clearly express Perlo’s craftsmanship, attention to detail...Learn more


Autodesk’s new Portland office deserved an identity as compelling as its location—the Towne Storage building, a renovated historic warehouse at the Burnside Bridgehead. Working closely with Autodesk and the brand strategists at Think Joule, Mackenzie’s design team interpreted the Autodesk brand through the lens of local context. The workplace is designed to attract and retain talent through carefully thought-out amenity space that fosters engagement, interaction, and an authentic collective identity. Collaborative rooms and meeting spaces are inspired by the tiny house movement, using a...Learn more

1010 Flanders

The 1010 Flanders project, a core and shell renovation in Portland’s Pearl District, transformed a historic building into a mixed-use hub with a new set of tenant amenities. Formerly called the Ballou & Wright Company Building, the property was constructed in 1921 as a warehouse and manufacturing facility for bicycle, motorcycle, and automobile parts. It’s listed on the US National Register of Historic Places, and designated as a Historic Landmark by the Portland Historic Landmarks Commission, underlining and codifying the importance of its preservation. Working carefully within the city...Learn more

Iron Fireman Collective

The Iron Fireman building, right off the MAX Orange Line in southeast Portland, has a rich local history. Through an extensive renovation project, Mackenzie is bringing the building’s history—and its gorgeous period details—back to the surface. The restored building will not just reflect the neighborhood’s past, but is positioned to become an active influence on Portland’s burgeoning maker culture: things have always been made within the Iron Fireman’s walls, and while what’s manufactured has changed, the fact of making hasn’t. The building was constructed in 1924 for the Iron Fireman Company...Learn more

Consumers Power Inc.

Consumers Power Incorporated (CPI), a nonprofit rural electric cooperative based in Philomath, Oregon, needed to renovate their aging headquarters to accommodate and energize an evolving workforce. It was an extensive renovation, with a complete redesign of the building’s interior, along with a new exterior facade, landscaping, and a structural seismic upgrade. A core project goal was bringing together the office and field staff, who had been stationed at opposite ends of the building. In the new design, strategic adjacencies between departments were introduced, along with a renewed sense of...Learn more

KOIN Tower Lobby

KOIN Tower is a downtown Portland landmark, and a striking part of the city’s skyline. Its interior, however, reflected a different era. When the building was sold, the new owners decided that it needed to be repositioned to provide what tenants are looking for in a modern Class A office environment. Mackenzie worked hand-in-hand with the brand strategists at Think Joule, and the building’s brand was comprehensively rethought. The renovation, as the physical illustration of this rethinking, thoroughly embraces modern Portland and refreshes what has long been an iconic downtown building. The...Learn more

KOIN Tower Leasing Center

Mackenzie is leading KOIN Tower, an iconic building in downtown Portland, through an extensive renovation that has resulted in a renewed brand and sense of local connection. An integral part of this complex project is the Tower’s Leasing Center on the 11th floor, which introduces the building’s brand and amenities to prospective tenants. The Leasing Center needed to elegantly illustrate two things: KOIN’s brand story, and the physical fundamentals of an occupant’s experience of the building. By carefully thinking through these two distinct—but basically connected—elements, Mackenzie was able...Learn more

Clay Creative

Clay Creative was a major renovation project in the heart of Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District. The warehouse that formerly occupied the site was almost entirely destroyed by fire in 2006. Mackenzie utilized what remained of the old building, and the project has resulted in a catalytic new mixed use property that fits seamlessly in the cultural context of the neighborhood. The building’s juxtaposition of brick and wood—it’s supported by a heavy timber structural system—is a natural fit for a bustling industrial area full of historic warehouses. The operable windows are large,...Learn more

Ferguson Wellman

Ferguson Wellman, a leading regional financial management firm, enlisted Mackenzie to update their Portland headquarters. Balance was important: our objective was a forward-looking design that sustained traditional elements reflective of the company’s longstanding and successful culture, while embracing the future as new leadership naturally emerges in the firm. The new workplace needed to embody the traits that Ferguson Wellman value: stability, continuity, and clarity. A trend-chasing or revolutionary change in their workplace wouldn’t be in their best interest. Instead, Mackenzie...Learn more
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