Clay Creative

Clay Creative was a major renovation project in the heart of Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District. The warehouse that formerly occupied the site was almost entirely destroyed by fire in 2006. Mackenzie utilized what remained of the old building, and the project has resulted in a catalytic new mixed use property that fits seamlessly in the cultural context of the neighborhood.

The building’s juxtaposition of brick and wood—it’s supported by a heavy timber structural system—is a natural fit for a bustling industrial area full of historic warehouses. The operable windows are large, and the interior is day lit and airy, with exposed timber beams and handsome wood floors and high ceilings. A 2,000 SF rooftop deck faces west, toward the downtown skyline, providing occupants with a unique communal amenity space. The 6-story, 90,000 SF building is the tallest commercial office building in the neighborhood, but because of the care taken with the design, its presence is unobtrusive and organic.

Sustainability was a key project objective, with LEED Gold certification targeted (the certification process is ongoing). Brick, timber, and concrete for the structure were all locally sourced, and solar trees will be installed as a source of alternative energy. Secure bike parking and showers are available for occupants, and the building is located at the intersection of multiple mass transit systems: it’s a perfect set up for sustainable transportation.