PDX Logistics Center

The Mackenzie-designed PDX Logistics Center project marked the first major speculative industrial development in the Portland area since 2008. It is a three-phase, six building project totaling 1,105,800 SF.

The project is located on a 40.4 acre site. The first phase, completed in 2014, consisted of two buildings totaling 491,200 SF; the second phase, completed in 2015, consisted of one building at 355,200 SF; and the third phase, completed summer 2016, consists of two buildings totaling 259,400 SF.

A challenge unique to the project—and its proximity to the airport—included working with the Federal Aviation Administration for permission in using a large crane to tilt up the buildings’ concrete walls. Care had to be taken with low flying planes as they approached the nearby airport runway.

The buildings are state-of-the-art, with super flat concrete floors, energy efficient lighting, a reflective Thermoplastic polyolefin roof, early suppression fast response sprinklers, and deep truck courts. In total, there will be 176 loading docks and storage yard for 163 trailers.

Building corners are accented with a black elastomeric coating that provides a crisp contrast to the white walls around the docks.

The site is about a mile from PDX International Airport, directly adjacent to Cascade Station and the MAX light rail line, with easy access to the interstate system.