One Main Place

One Main Place, a skyscraper built in 1982, is located by the Willamette River at a key entry point to downtown Portland. In an endeavor to foster a new identity as a gateway to downtown, and create a stand-out Class A office asset, Mackenzie repositioned the building’s entry, both interior and exterior. Full branding services, provided by Mackenzie in collaboration with brand strategists Think Joule, cohesively tied the project together.

The entry area consists of a streetside plaza, an atrium connecting the tower and a one-story bank, and lobby space within the tower itself. Mackenzie’s repositioning and rebranding efforts are visible in a refreshed plaza, a new living roof over the bank, and a remodeled atrium and lobby space. The design is organized around natural materials, with elements of fire, water, wood, earth, and metal, and a focus on the craft of local makers.

The plaza features an environmentally sensitive composite wall with new inset illuminated signage. The living roof above the bank, along with new planter treatments in the plaza, provide greenery in a dense urban context. The focus on natural elements is continued in the interior. A 15-foot aquascape, a sculptural composition of water and wood, is mirrored by a 15-foot fireplace. The furniture, sourced from local woodworkers, is crafted from large slabs of western walnut. The space serves as a transition between the public space of the street and the private space of the building, providing both an introduction to the building for visitors, and a third-place resource for tenants.