Harrison Square

Mackenzie’s repositioning of the Harrison Building lobby reinvigorated and modernized the building’s sense of place and introduced a set of attractive tenant amenities. Before renovation, the only common area inside the building was a few chairs in the hallway. The design transformed former tenant space into an expanded lobby, inviting lounge spaces, and a coffee shop—all of which build identity and community.

The design is a modern take on the building’s midcentury vintage, with wood paneling, lush fabrics, and exposed waffle slab ceiling elements. A series of visual connections link the spaces, allowing glimpses between interior areas and between the indoor and outdoor environments. Design cues were taken from the original building, particularly the motif of the uncovered waffle slab, which inspired the screen wall pattern and the texture on the elevator doors.

The new space allows tenants to come together in a shared space, and in doing so endows the property with a more welcoming, human-centered identity. The amenities improve the day-to-day experience of tenants, and give the owners an advantage in a competitive downtown market.