Clackamette Park Master Plan

Clackamette Park, one of Oregon City’s largest parks, is located at the confluence of the Willamette and Clackamas Rivers. These two iconic rivers provide both the park’s allure and serious challenges to its year-round use. Mackenzie’s master plan addresses the park’s resiliency while improving pedestrian and bike connectivity.

Much of the park becomes unusable in the wet period of the year because of river swells and storms. The park includes an RV park which is closed every winter, resulting in a loss of revenue to the city. The design team gathered input from park maintenance staff, who had direct insight into the challenging conditions. The master plan created a series of options and resiliency strategies to illustrate how the park could better function in all seasons.

The master plan also involves programmatic changes to improve connectivity, relocate a large boat ramp, and create a continuous sequence of green spaces. The park is connected to the regional trail system, including to nearby Jon Storm Park, and includes better defined pathways within Clackamette. The illustration of these improvements, coupled with a focus on resiliency, made the master plan an effective tool to communicate with city council.