Associate Principal
Corporate Advisor - CAD/BIM
24 Years
Rusty Gesner

Recognized in 2007 by Autodesk as a “Legend of AutoCAD”, Rusty Gesner is one of the industry's foremost software experts. A licensed architect, Rusty began his career in the A/E industry designing public schools. In 1983, he purchased one for the first available copies of AutoCAD and quickly founded the region's first CAD users group. He went on to write and edit more than a dozen published books and reference guides for the software. In 1997, Rusty brought his expertise to Mackenzie, developing a highly customized AutoCAD environment to improve efficiencies and enhance accuracy in drawings. Today he manages the firm's AutoCAD and Revit systems, overseeing processes, techniques, families, and standards.

"I take pride in developing our highly customized AutoCAD system and our Revit processes, techniques, families and standards to help others make and do things better."

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Canby Police Station