BIM Content Manager

Portland, Oregon

This position encompasses the primary role of BIM Content Manager (BCM), with a secondary role of Revit Training Coordinator.

This is a half time minimum position (average 20 hours per week) with full time potential.

Full time potential may be an expanded BIM role, or in architectural/engineering production.

Successful candidates will have excellent organizational and problem-solving skills, self-motivated with the ability to prioritize work, work independently and in collaborate with the CAD/BIM Director and Revit Task Force (RTF), and relate well with professional staff.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Strong Revit knowledge with 3-5 years of experience.
  • Architectural and/or structural degree, training and/or experience.
  • Experience with Hive or other BIM Content Management systems is a strong plus.
  • AutoCAD, Dynamo, Grasshopper, and/or Rhino experience is a plus.
  • Understanding of parameters, and of Revit and Excel CAD formulas.
  • Appreciates the value of standards and best practices.
  • Capable of proper Revit parametric family creation and modification.
    (and understands why families are better than groups!)
  • Strong communication skills, and able to train others and produce documentation.
  • Strong organizational capabilities and attention to detail.

BCM Responsibilities:

“Making it easier for people to do things the right way.”

  • Collect, organize and migrate Revit content, including families, standard details, detail components, schedules, legends, and more into Hive, a BIM Content Management system.
  • Maintain and manage the Hive system.
  • Verify or create useful graphic representations of Hive content as well as search/keyword features to make it easy to find and use the best and approved content in projects.
  • Migrate content from existing ‘Resource Files’ and other client or team-specific content into Hive.
  • Coordinate standards and best practices with the RTF.
  • ‘Vet’ existing content and new content submitted by others to ensure conformance with standards & best practices.
  • The following are tasks which may be done by the BCM as time permits, or by others with BCM oversight to ensure conformance:
    • Create Revit “standard detail” views from content provided by the Standards & Technical Resource committee.
    • Modify or replace existing non-conforming families, detail components and detail drawing views.
    • Create or enhance needed families and detail components.
  • Maintain/integrate/update existing content when new versions are released.
  • Keep Revit template files up to date, coordinating with the RTF on inclusions and standards.

Revit Training Coordinator Responsibilities:

“Making sure people know what is the right way to do things.”

  • Coordinate testing and training, but not performing all training.
  • Develop resources for consistency in training.
  • Train the trainers to ensure consistency.
    • Crosstrain RTF members.
    • Train Revit leads who will be responsible for training less experienced staff on their projects.
  • Coordinate the use of KnowledgeSmart assessments to determine training priorities in general and for individuals.
  • Develop a system to track users' training progress and for others to manage their own training/development.
  • Help set-up a mentoring system where less experienced users are teamed up with a Mentor/Revit Lead.
  • Organizing training material (documentation, write-ups and/or videos), and creating or coordinating with others who create/edit content.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.