RiverEast Center

RiverEast Center, headquarters to Mackenzie, successfully integrates sustainable design while retaining the architectural character of the original 1951 warehouse. The building features Portland’s first shared green street (Clay Street), sculptures made of reclaimed concrete, and a double envelope solar wall, which uses double glass panels and light shelves to heat the building in the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer.


Closed to vehicular traffic from Water Avenue to the Willamette River, Clay Street provides a pedestrian plaza and bicycle link from the Central Eastside Industrial District to the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade. Green street concepts include street-side infiltration planters, recycled materials, and a public and private storm water quality facility. These elements provide water quality treatment for street runoff from Water Avenue prior to the outfall to the Willamette River.


Mackenzie will be tracking building performance for the RiverEast project, including annual operating and maintenance costs to measure performance against target baselines. Armed with this data, Mackenzie hopes to demonstrate a meaningful return on investment in sustainability. This information will be useful in helping to promote the mainstreaming of sustainability in commercial real estate.


The RiverEast Center is LEED Gold certified. Read more about the building here.