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Group Mackenzie, Celebrating 50 Years
Decade Four: 1990 - 1999











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How do you end a millenium?


We did it with the 1990s, with a decade of advancement and the shift from garish neon to sleek monochrome.


A growing bubble rose over a valley, nourished our silicon forest, and sent the Dow skyrocketing. The lessons of networking and sharing bore new significance as the necessity of being plugged in took root. We left Wall Street and entered The Matrix.


We didn't do it easily. We watched violence mount and disenchantment grow.


White broncos and blue dresses, gloves and semantics—they sparked controversy and debate and glued us to our TVs. Tanks rolling through the desert made war look easy. Angry Americans brought the terror home; bullied youth took it to school. Racial and geopolitical differences ignited riots and a single amendment sparked deadly standoffs.


We didn't do it without doubt.


Lessons in coding brought fears of a technological apocalypse. We may not have believed in Y2K, but we stockpiled our canned food just in case. And when the world didn't end? That was OK too—it just meant we could party like it was 1999.


And at MSA/MEI, we did it with growth and innovation. We kept our values, but expanded our reach. We moved from drafting tables to networked systems. We rode the bubble to staffing highs. We closed the millenium with new ownership, new leadership, and a new identity.